Ityion utilizes behavioral science and gamification to create content that empowers our customers to meet their personal goals, increase performance and improve the quality of their life.


Ityion creates interactive gaming experiences to reinforce the learning of content, enabling our clients to learn and apply new knowledge and behaviors to improve their lives. 


Our evidence based research and approaches allow users to increase their awareness, focus, memory, academic skills, athletic skills, career skills, and more, while acquiring and applying new knowledge and behavioral changes.

Gamification is putting gaming mechanics into content (websites, enterprise applications, online communities, educational applications, personal development applications) to increase and improve engagement and comprehension of the content. 

Applied behavioral science combined with gamification creates power systems to teach content that is more easily comprehended and capable of being utilized to improve the performance and lives of users.


Ityion, Inc. is currently developing several projects for release on iOS, Android and Windows Desktop Platforms in the first half of 2020. Titles will continually be released throughout 2020 and beyond. 

| Released:

| SkyAffirm – Affirmations, Meditations and Goals Towards Your Best-Self

Graphical User Interface for Mind, Body & Spirit - Everyday app release 2020.

Utilizing the power of affirmations, meditations, goal setting, visualization and music, SkyAffirm is a resource to help you become your best-self. SkyAffirm is designed for your current state of being. Affirmations are presented in three different categories, Mind, Body and Spirit to reflect each of the elements that make up our best-self. You can customize the Mind, Body and Spirit Levels for your current state of being to ensure the affirmations presented are best for you.

| Released:

| ONandUP.net: Ace and Paige Pronouns and Action Verbs vol. 1

Graphical User Interface for Mind, Body & Spirit - Everyday app release 2020.

Follow Ace, Paige, Alicia and Tyler as they walk early and special learners through educational fun! Interactive and engaging 3D Animated characters welcome all early and special learners as they learn about the components that make up daily active living.

This is the first release in a bundle of apps that are aligned with common ABA assessments and education standards to teach foundational skills to early/special learners.

| Released:

| Zutsun 1 eSports Performance Training

Zutsun esports performance training logo - app release 2020.

As an eSports competitor, learning to control your mind and body must become part of your practice routine in order to achieve elite status. Zutsun brings evidenced-based eSports performance training to eSport athletes. Utilizing behavioral science, sport psychology and a gamified environment, competitors can access and apply the latest/historical strategies, behavior modification techniques, breathing and relaxation strategies, confidence building techniques, physical/reflex training and other preparations to dramatically increase their gaming performance.

| In Development:

  • IN PRODUCTION: Paige and Tyler Environmental Sounds vol. 1
  • IN PRODUCTION: ABA4Parents – A parents guide to starting ABA therapy.
  • IN PRODUCTION: Zutsun 2.0: World Wide Rankings and Online Course
  • Ace and Alicia Pronouns and Verbs vol. 2
  • Tyler and Paige Foundation Objects vol. 1
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Primping will never be the same! 
  • Zutsun 2.0: Performance Training 2
  • SkyAffirm 2.0: Multiple languages, Affirmation Categories and User Discussion

Ityion has released 3 apps as of June 1st 2020, and is scheduled to release more apps this year and into 2021 and beyond.


Ityion’s team is composed of experienced behaviorists, educators, 3D artists, graphic artists and game developers.

We are seeking advisers, publishers, Unity developers and educators to expand our team.

Ityion, Inc.

Established 2020
Enabling Human Potential